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Our Mission
  • To provide properly structured insurance programs that serve our client's needs.
  • To save our client's money through effective and competitive marketing.
  • To defend the reputation of our clients and their products.
  • To add value to our client's business beyond just selling them an insurance policy.
Risk Retention?

What does "Risk Retention" mean?

Every time your policy calls for a deductible, you've retained some of the risk. In fact, risk retention is a common strategy for businesses and individuals alike. Every automobile policy contains deductibles and some auto policy coverage options are even declined. This is another form of risk retention. The very act of not insuring something of value is another form of risk retention.

Ladders & More
  • Articulating ladders
  • Attic stairways
  • Extension ladders
  • Fire ladders
  • Ladder jacks
  • Ladder levelers
  • Pump jacks
  • Scaffolds
  • Stepladders
  • Stepstools
  • Steel work-stands
  • Telescoping ladders
  • Imported products
  • Automobile batteries
  • Exercise equipment
  • Gangways and cages
  • Gymnastic equipment
  • Industrial access components
  • Industrial loading arms
  • Pipe couplers
  • Portable loading ramps
  • Pre-fabricated stages
  • Roofing/Carpenters brackets
  • Sporting goods
  • Tree stands
  • Other high risk exposures